Monday, March 31, 2014

Amazing week! The Gospel is True.

This week went by super fast. But, I feel like I say that every week. So that's cool. But really. Every week, day and minute makes me realize how short my time here as a missionary really is and how much I still have left to do. God is so good though and is so merciful. I was pretty worried to be honest, about coming to the city, and about being with my companion. I didn't know what to expect, but being human I expected the worst. I was super comfortable (finally) in La Paz and felt like I was finally able to navigate my way around, not to mention how much I love Hermana De Leon, and when President told her she was going to train, I was super bummed.
BUT, turns out my area rocks, and the members are super great and super excited to let us help them with their calling in the work. (Because that's really all we're supposed to do. Help the members teach and convert their friends, neighbors and family members.) My companion is also super great too. We get along super well because as luck would have it she's also super sassy and sarcastic, so obviously I love her.
This week was amazing. We found a super cute, great, humble family who live with a less active member named Luisa. Ramon and Silvia have 3 kids and just barely started going to an evangelical (Help my English if that's not how you say it...) church a couple of weeks ago. We taught them the Restoration yesterday and Silvia kept saying how she felt like Joseph Smith because all she wants for her family is to follow Christ but they didn't know which church they should go to. We explained the priesthood and authority and she seemed to really get it. It was a super great lesson, and at the end they did commit to read the Book of Mormon and pray together and as a family. We had Silvia say the closing prayer as we all knelt on their dirt floor of their humble cement home. The spirit was so strong and it helped me remember that there really are people out here waiting for us. Waiting for us to bring them this message, the good news, to help them remember what they already know.
Some funny stuff happened this week too, so that's always the best.
-Capo (One of the members PET raccoon). He's a freak, but I love him.

-Also after allllllll of our plans fell through on Wednesday we decided to get creative contacting. So I went up to an old lady that was sitting on her porch and asked her if she knew where Julia lived. She then began to panic and was super worried that we were lost and called her neighbor to come help us who then proceeded to walk like 6 blocks with us trying to find the made up Julia. We ended up contacting him and have an appointment to go back with him this week. Hmmm... Guess we'll see how that one goes. Good times.
The mission is great. I feel like this is where I'm supposed to be, so that's good news! Super pumped for conference. 8 hours of listening to the authorities of the church in SPANISH. Woo.

Love you all. The gospel is true.

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