Monday, April 29, 2013

Going into week 2
Ok I want to get a couple of things out of the way first off. 1) My
enter button is broken, so just get over it. 2) Use to
send me letters. 3) If you send me a package write HERMANA on it to
make it get here easier. Hermano Dubon who's incharge of the physical
workings of the MTC here said that the mail people are less likely to
go through my stuff if it says Hermana on it because then they know it
doesnt have drugs or anything in it because we're from the church. 4)
Ive noticed letters take about a week. So keep that in mind for when I
get closer to heading out to the field. ANNNYYYWAAYYY. The MTC is
good. I dont ever remember what I said in my last email, so sorry if I
repeat stuff. Its tiny here though! Compared to Provo! BUT TOMORROW WE
GET TO GO TO THE MARKETPLACE FOR PDAY! I'm so excited to get to get
out of here for the afternoon. Itll be great. Things are good though.
Turns out our investigator was fake. Which I shouldve known because
thats how they do it at Provo. But I was still surprised. He's our
night teacher now, so its pretty wierd that hes the one teaching us
now. I was way sad and confused at first, but he's been teaching us so
much! This is some hard stuff though. All these girls crammed in tiny
rooms and bathrooms? It does wierd stuff to ya. My companion drives me
buts, but I'm learning to be patient and have Christlike love for her.
I think thats what I needed to learn most, so shes here to teach it to
me. We also went the the CRE (not CRAY) house this week. That was for
sure a humbling experience. I have a long way to go and a lot of
spanish to learn. If anything it taught me to really rely on the Lord
more than I have been and more than I ever have in the past. That was
a harsh realization, but good. Last night we watched a broadcast from
Elder Holland speaking to the missionaries in the Provo MTC in January
of this year. It was amazing. I know we're probably not supposed to
pick favorites, but hes mine. My favorite thing he said was "I command
you to come home with atleast one convert, and it better be you!" So
awesome. Thats what I want to focus on while I'm here. I cant teach
it, if I dont have it so deep in my soul that its literally a part of
me. Hmmmm what else? I missed you so much yesterday DAD!!!!
Especaillay on Sundays, we listen to so many spiritually powerful men
and I always think of you and how much I look up to you! You are the
best, and I love you so much. Thank you for everything you have done
and continue to do for our family. LOVE YOU ALL! SEND ME LETTERS AND
EMAILS! THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Thats all that matters. -Hermana Ludlow
Attached is a group photo, one of the Hermanas, and one of the Elders. (Obviously) Im pretty much in the very middle, lookin freaky, and my companion (Hermana Mathews) is on the top right in the purple shirt with short blonde hair. Shes great, but I definitely think shes my companion because I need to learn and practice patience. She is constantly asking me if I think its ok to drink her water after her finger touched the lid, and if she touches the floor if she'll get a disease. Its a little taxing on my well being, bless her heart. Shes pretty intense and we dont have a ton in common, but I'm doing my best to love her, encourage her, and work well with her.
Our district is great though! There are four sets of hermanas and 2 sets of Elders. All the girls are going to my mission besides one. (Hermana Ross) We love her anyway! She is so funny! Her and I are going to see if we can go the whole 6 weeks at the MTC without shaving our legs. So far, so good. HA! Theres not time anyway. We really all get along pretty well though. So thats good. I can already see each of us growing spiritually and learning the language. I'm getting the hang of Spanish a little more. I feel like I can understand it pretty well, but speaking it is a whole other story. It'll come though. Thats what they all keep promising us around here. Spanish will come! So I put my main focus in studying the scriptures. Our teachers name is Hermano Lopez. Hes a return missionary and served in Puerto Rico. Hes so great and knows the scriptures SO WELL! I cant wait to be like that. Our MTC president, Pres. Nycolayson told us we need to be our first convert, and I know I still have a lot to learn.
We taught our first real investigator though! The second day we were here!!! IN SPANISH. Well, spanglish, but we're getting there. His name is Albin and he is kindof interning here while going to school. One of the deals with the nonmembers who work here is that they have to take the lessons. The great thing about Albin though is that he WANTS to. He has already come so far in just a few days. He has prayed with us and on his own, read parts of the book of mormon, and wants to continue taking the lessons from the "real missionaries" since today is our last day with him. The best part is that while we are teaching him, he is teaching us so much in return. SO cool. We also went to La Casa de Cray today. I dont know what the Cray means, but anyway, its this house by the MTC where will be meeting with more real investigators. Today, we just practiced with some of the teachers that work here. But wow. It was amazing to see how much Spanish I knew without really knowing I knew that much! I dont know if that even makes sense.
Yesterday was PDay, which was so amazing. Something to definitely look forward to. And then email is Wednesdays from 1;30 to 2:30. But PDAY... we went to the Temple in the morning and did an english session. It was so great just to go there and feel calm for once. The temple is so beautiful and so so small. There isnt a chapel, you just go wait in the session room until it starts, and it fit like 20 people. Then we just had time to clean, do laundry and write hand written letters and NAP. Thank goodness for that nap!!!! Then, last night, we had a devotional by James B Martino of the 70. Such a powerhouse! He is amazing! He taught us so much! Go forth and serve, be obedient and open your mouth! His wife, Hermana Martino talked a lot about obedience. She said " obedience brings blessings, but perfect obedience brings miracles. (Like learning spanish in basically 5 minutes!)
The first day was so hard, and so long. The plane ride from SLC to LA was rough and I almost puked because I forgot to take that motion sickness pill. But I held it together. There were probably like 30 of us on that flight and then like 50 maybe from LA to Guatemala. We got here about 6am and just hit the ground running from there. It was intense and long and emotionally taxing, but I made it through. The girls here said "make it through the first day, and then the first week, and you'll be fine.) I am fine!!! Its still hard, and I'm still adjusting, but its coming.
The Gospel is True. I'm here for a reason. The Lord loves each of us. The spanish will come!
Hermana Ludlow
PS we dont have our cameras because the missonaries before us were using them innapropriately I guess. But we get them when we go to the Marketpace in two weeks.

Hola from Guatamala
Normally I will have more time to write on P-Days, but today I just
have 15 minutes to check in. Just wanted to let you know that I am
here safe and sound.Our plane got into Guatemala City at about 6 am
and we hit the ground running. The MTC here is so tiny compared to
Provo but I love it. Honestly, I already know with confidence that
this is where I´,m supposed to be. When we were sitting in the LAX
airport (after a bumpy flight from SLC... No chunks were blown, though
it was a close call.) I just felt so at peace. My companion is so
sweet and nice. Her name is Hermana Mattews and I feel like she is my
little sister. We are so so different, but I feel like thats good
because we have so much to learn from eachother. Wow. This is the true
work. Today has been quite long, but it feels right still. "I´m tired,
but I¨m happy." is what Ive been saying all day just trying to soak it
all in. So far, basic spanish and orientations are what weve been
doing all day. The president and his wife are so great and he is so
powerful. I already love them. Miss you guys, but this is where Im
supposed to be. I dont have one doubt about that. Dont worry about me.
Im happy. Love all of you so much. (Sorry this is scatter brained)
-Hermana Ludlow