Monday, March 31, 2014

Amazing week! The Gospel is True.

This week went by super fast. But, I feel like I say that every week. So that's cool. But really. Every week, day and minute makes me realize how short my time here as a missionary really is and how much I still have left to do. God is so good though and is so merciful. I was pretty worried to be honest, about coming to the city, and about being with my companion. I didn't know what to expect, but being human I expected the worst. I was super comfortable (finally) in La Paz and felt like I was finally able to navigate my way around, not to mention how much I love Hermana De Leon, and when President told her she was going to train, I was super bummed.
BUT, turns out my area rocks, and the members are super great and super excited to let us help them with their calling in the work. (Because that's really all we're supposed to do. Help the members teach and convert their friends, neighbors and family members.) My companion is also super great too. We get along super well because as luck would have it she's also super sassy and sarcastic, so obviously I love her.
This week was amazing. We found a super cute, great, humble family who live with a less active member named Luisa. Ramon and Silvia have 3 kids and just barely started going to an evangelical (Help my English if that's not how you say it...) church a couple of weeks ago. We taught them the Restoration yesterday and Silvia kept saying how she felt like Joseph Smith because all she wants for her family is to follow Christ but they didn't know which church they should go to. We explained the priesthood and authority and she seemed to really get it. It was a super great lesson, and at the end they did commit to read the Book of Mormon and pray together and as a family. We had Silvia say the closing prayer as we all knelt on their dirt floor of their humble cement home. The spirit was so strong and it helped me remember that there really are people out here waiting for us. Waiting for us to bring them this message, the good news, to help them remember what they already know.
Some funny stuff happened this week too, so that's always the best.
-Capo (One of the members PET raccoon). He's a freak, but I love him.

-Also after allllllll of our plans fell through on Wednesday we decided to get creative contacting. So I went up to an old lady that was sitting on her porch and asked her if she knew where Julia lived. She then began to panic and was super worried that we were lost and called her neighbor to come help us who then proceeded to walk like 6 blocks with us trying to find the made up Julia. We ended up contacting him and have an appointment to go back with him this week. Hmmm... Guess we'll see how that one goes. Good times.
The mission is great. I feel like this is where I'm supposed to be, so that's good news! Super pumped for conference. 8 hours of listening to the authorities of the church in SPANISH. Woo.

Love you all. The gospel is true.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Entonces tito!

Adios La Paz, adios Medina Familia, you are the best! 

Entonces tito!
I'm in the city. I got transferred to Tiloarque in Tegucigalpa and am now with Hermana Mendez. It's been a big change because I've only been in pueblos my entire mission.
We went to the grocery store the other day and I really almost started crying because the Mega Colonia is the size of Walmart. So that's just great. I'm pretty sure I could spend our whole P-day in there today, but I'll try to control myself. You guys. I don't think you understand... maybe Hermana Watts... but really. It was a good day.
Also, best part about my new area is that we can see the temple from our house. We live in the tiniest apartment owned by a super cute member family, there's pavement on the streets and so many cars. But it's a good change.
We had a baptism on Saturday that I really wasn't a huge part of, but its still so great to see the change this amazing gospel has in the lives of these people.
Life is good, time is crazy, the gospel is true.
Letters were sent this week, so maybe they'll get to you before I do. We could hope.
Not a whole lot to say because I'm still getting to know the area and the members. But the ward is great. The attendance was 130 yesterday which is also a big change from being used to 70 at the most. The members are great and excited to work. We just need to get to know them better and serve them as much as we can.
Leaving behind the family we were working with in La Paz was the hardest, but God is good and he knows what he's doing.
God is Good.
Photos from the baptism (and so ya'll can see my companion) and a photo we took as a district after helping the bishop move. (behind us is a little patch of the city, but I'll send a better one next week.)

Monday, March 17, 2014

If you want to lose weight, just get sent to a third world country

Yep, I did buy that skirt before I left, and yes it definitely does not fit.

                   Also, just a photo of me prepping to teach gospel principles... Oh hey Julie!!!!



This week went by too fast to even know how to handle my life. This transfer also went by faster than fast and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving "La Paz" on Wednesday and more than likely heading to the city. I'm nervous but excited (just like always) for transfers, and ready to learn new things in these next 6 weeks.
We found 2 new families this week and are still working strong with Lila. She's super great and super ready, but she still has her doubts. I'm sad that I probably wont be here when she comes around to getting baptized, but its so amazing just to be a part of this life changing experience in peoples lives.
This week I reread the talk by Holland called Missionary Work and the Atonement (Tanner!!!!) and just like every time I read it, it changed my life. Elder Holland is so amazing and so powerful. I love the promise at the end of his talk where he says something along the lines of... Because of your dedicated response to the call to serve the Lord, he will bind up your broken heart, dry your tears and set you and your family free.
We had stake conference this weekend and it was a broadcast given to all of Central America. Elder Scott speaking in Spanish was probably the best part, but the messages where great too.
4 important things for the family:
1. Personal and family prayer
2. Personal and family scripture study.
3. Family Home Evenings.
4. Education.
Well, I feel like there's not a whole lot to say these days, except that God is so good and that I love all of you.
The next time you hear from me, I'll have a new companion and probably be in a new area. Prayers are appreciated.
Hermana Ludlow
-Best friend birthday shout outs NIELS AND CHRIS. Happy Birthday. Love you guys.
-Thanks for the photos family
-Got letters from Mckinley, and Leah and the package from Mom. Love you guys. Thanks so much!
-Letters coming your way (getting sent out this week) Tanner, Meish, Eva, and Bay.

Monday, March 10, 2014

This week was great. I have a bunch of pictures to send, but my computer keeps crashing (also the reason for lack of personal responses, but I love all of you!)
This week we finished up our three week study about the atonement. So powerful and amazing! Things I loved reading:
1. When Christ is being crucified, the people use the word "if", "If thou art the Christ..." Satan's way of trying to make Christ doubt and lower himself from the cross, and also the people needing evidence to know that he is the Christ. I started thinking about a family we've been trying to teach that want evidence of the Book of Mormon and how they talk to us in a way that felt very much like the people who didn't believe in Christ. " You can't be called of God to preach because you can't prove to us the Book of Mormon is true." "You're too young to know." Etc. etc. I also started thinking about the talk Jeffery R Holland gave about Missionary Work and the Atonement where he says something along the lines of that we as missionaries are going to have to suffer a little bit of what Christ suffered because "Salvation is not a cheap experience." Wow.
2. When Christ is walking with Peter, and John is following them. Peter looks behind him wondering about John and Christ says "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou me." Asking Peter to leave EVERYTHING behind to serve him. Hmmmm sounds familiar. That's exactly what he has asked me to do too. I think I've got a long way to go to becoming the best missionary I can be, but I'm workin on it.

Thanks for your love, prayers, encouragement and emails. You're all too good to be true. God is so good. Don't believe me? Pray to him.

Hermana Ludlow.
P.S. My companion just read a letter from President saying that she's going to train. Bitter/sweet because we wont be staying together, but hey she's training! Meaning I'm leaving La Paz next Wednesday. Transfers are the pits. I HATE PACKING. Chris!!! Comeer for a sec and help me though k?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ant rant

So this week went by way fast. I feel like the weeks are flying by faster and faster lately.
This week my companion was a little sicky, so I...
1) Pulled weeds in our back patio and killed SO MANY SPIDERS and ANTS with so much bleach.(photo included) But lets talk about the ants for a minute. Somehow they're are always ants in everything. My sealed chewy sprees, my water colors, clean clothes, the uncooked rice, cold cereal, EVERYTHING. The best is when you pour a bowl of cereal and after pouring your milk have so sift out the ants from the top... or just eat them.
2) We had a movie movie night... missionary style, where we proceeded to push our beds together and watch the video about the life of Thomas S. Monson while eating cheetos, cookies and drinking ginger ale. (Coke has been sorely missed for these past 10 months everyone. But I'm still alive. No worries.)
SO yeah. I also did some cleaning, wrote some letters and went through all my letters that you guys have all written me. Thanks for being the best family and friends though.
The work is good. Life is good. Missionary work is hard, but so rewarding. God is good and the gospel is true.
Shout out to Tiffy (and Meish): Send me that letter!!!! :) No but really I love you guys so much!
Tanner. Congrats on your baby.
Jacob and Will. Hope you had that happiest of birthdays.
Family. I love you more than anything.

Mom. Will you send me some cookie recipes? Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Craisen to be specific... Love you. You're the best.
God is good.