Monday, April 28, 2014

So this was Sunday lunch. Gotta love Honduras though.


So this was Sunday lunch. Gotta love Honduras though.

This week was pretty great. We challenged the Acosta Family to baptism and they accepted! Woo! They are so amazing. Vanessa and Cesar have changed so much in these past weeks that we've been teaching them. Especially after the Temple Activity. When we were showing them their teaching record and making a plan for what lessons they still needed and what lessons they have, Cesar asked us what an investigator means because he didn't feel like he was investigating anything and said the title made him feel like a police officer investigating the scene of the crime. Then he said "And once we're baptized we become recent converts right?" They are so excited, its so awesome. 

We also found a part member family this week. Hooray for family finding. The wife (Veronica) is a less active and her husband Leandro isnt a member... YET. (well theyre not married, so I guess they're not husband and wife, but you get it.) One of my first weeks in the area we went to visit Veronica's family and the police and military where violently taking Leandro to jail. They came to the activity we had in the temple and I kind of recognized him, but couldn't remember why when my companion reminded me. When we went to visit them yesterday, I honestly didn't have high hopes, but turns out he hasnt been drinking or using drugs for two weeks. We challenged him to baptism and he also accepted. Sometimes the Lord reminds us that we need to have a little bit more faith. So amazing and I was so humbled to see the change in him. 

Life is good. Transfers are on Wednesday... again. SO CRAZY. Time warp. I'm thinkin I'm staying here in Tiloarque and Hermana Mendez is leaving. But, we wont know until tomorrow, and YOU won't know until next week. 

Love you all. Too much. 

Be good. 

Hermana Ludlow

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, and that you all took a little bit of time to remember the reason we celebrate it. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting for the first time in my entire mission yesterday about the Atonement and its healing power.

Later in the afternoon we had an activity comemorative for "Semana Santa" with all of our investigators, less actives and recent converts. The Acosta Family (who we've been working with this whole transfer with almost no progress) came! And they loved it. It was with all of the missionaries from the city and all the sisters and two zones of Elders, sang in a choir that turned out sounding pretty alright. We sang a bunch of hymns including "This is the Christ" which was the kicker, if you ask me, and the church was PACKED. President said there were over 600 in attendence and everyone could feel the spirit. It was amazing.
Anyway, we have a FHE planned with the Acosta Family and the Bishops Family tonight and we're planning on setting the date. They're ready. They're so amazing, AND THEYRE MARRIED, which almost never happens in this country. Win win.
Love you all.
Hermana B.

Just a little side note...
Also, cool news. My G's were starting to fit me like potato sacks (due to the loss of some weight) so we went to the Distribution Center on Saturday and I'm now rockin' G's that fit and that are 2 sizes smaller. So that's cool. Thanks Honduras.
I hit the one year mark on Thursday. It's been an amazingly beautiful, difficult, spiritually building, self-trying, amazing year. Here's to the next 6 months. Easter, 1 year, annnnnd a cutie member made me a cake.
ALSO God bless Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs
God is so good
Hermana B.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hope you have a Happy Easter and remember Christ and his atonement this week.

       Ran out of time.... like always. Hope this picture loads....

       This picture is all the stairs we walk up and down multiple times daily. So obviously my legs are rockin   and almost always sore. WOO!
This week was good. Nothing too crazy to report. 
I ran out of time writing personal replies and writing President. 

Hope you have a Happy Easter and remember Christ and his atonement this week. 
Promise I'll write more next week. 
God is good. 
Hermana B

Monday, April 7, 2014

Amazing General Conference Weekend saves me again

HOW COULD IT HAVE REALLY TAKEN ME THREE MONDAYS TO REMEMBER TO TELL YOU ALL THAT OUR SHOWER HAS HOT WATER? For the first time in the mission field, I have been taking a hot shower from water that just comes out of the wall like that instead of either a cold shower or one out of a bucket with water that I boiled during exercise time. SO THATS GOOD NEWS.

This week was a little bit of everything. My companion has been super sick because she has some freaky bacteria in her stomach, so we didn't work that much this week... which always leads to feeling home sick and lonely. But hey, the good news is that General Conference came just in time to save the day. And it was amazing. Despite the fact that I was only able to watch the Sunday morning session in English, all of it was amazing. Watching conference with an actual purpose and with questions in mind has changed my life, because every single one of my questions was answered. So, if you didn't watch it with questions in mind, you've got 6 months to start preparing. 

I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude so much. We all need to be a little more grateful, no matter what our circumstances. I've learned to be greatful and appreciative for everything I have in this past year as I've seen so many who have nothing, but it was, as always a good reminder. Another favorite was Elder Ballard when he talked about follow up and about how all members should have a copy of preach my gospel and study it. (So family, I look forward to hearing what you're learning.) Obviously the Prophet takes the cake. Can we all just have a little more love for one another please? Its so true. If everyone was a little more loving and a little more forgiving, we'd be a lot better off. 

Overall it was an amazing weekend which was also proceeded with interviews with President Fortuna. (Always a lifechanging experience) My Mission President is the best. He is so inspired and knew exactly what I needed to hear. Aswell as the Prophet, and all the leaders we heard from this weekend. I am so grateful for this gospel and for the change it has had on me in this past year, despite being a member my entire life. I have a strong testimony of the priesthood and want to publicly thank my Dad for being worthy to hold it my entire life. I love you so much Dad and am so thankful for everything you do and have done for our family as the patriarch of our home. 

God is good and he loves his childern. 

I also love all of you. So thats good news. 

We also had an activity with half of the sisters in the mission and the Presidents wife. So that was cute... or something. No, it was great. Attached is a photo of Hermana Hendricksen and I. (One of my besties who goes home this transfer.) 

Hope you all enjoyed conference and are enjoying spring break (Moab flash back anyone??? :)) Also when Claudio D Zivic talked about Delicate Arch I mostly just cried remembering every Moab memory and that includes most of the people who read this email. 

Thanks friends and family for being the best humans ever. 

TAN. Tell Paula she's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.