Monday, August 25, 2014

Anyway. The mission's the best. Love you all. Be good. Take care of each other.

My mind is all over the place, so this is going to be brief. (Also for the lack of time. 40 minutes never gets easier. Even after 16 months.)
This week was crazy. It included a lot of interchanges and trips to the hospital to help the sisters who have dengue, our Zone conference, giving orientation to the new trainers and their companions who came last transfer, coming home to having the house full of water because the tube to our pila broke the day the water came, and loosing our cell phone along with 400 lempiras in the bus. So yeah, just your average week as a missionary.

It was a good week though. Good times spent with the sisters and with my companion in the long bus and taxi rides. I love Hermana Rosales so much. Easily one of my favorites. She is one of the most selfless people I've ever met. She's amazing. We just hope and pray we don't have transfers next week, because I really want her to be my last companion, but we'll see. The best news though is that our investigator who's boyfriend is a member FINALLY came to church yesterday. She has a date for the 13th, but we still need to convince them to get married. (Prayers are appreciated)
Anyway. The mission's the best. Love you all. Be good. Take care of each other.
Hermana Ludlow
PS... recognize Presidents tie anyone?
Niels. Are you still alive? I read some letters from you the other day. I opened up that red box with your name on it in my memories. Hope real life is treatin' you alright.

Monday, August 18, 2014

helped us remember how important it is just to work hard and also enjoy the mission. WOO!

Guys. Should I start every single email by talking about how fast the week went by? Cool.

This week we had exchanges with cutie Hermana Prince and Hermana Moran from Boulevar. Hermana Prince has almost 4 weeks in the field and her and Hermana Moran are stressers, so it was good for them to have a little break from each other. Hermana Prince is super great and super pumped to be a missionary. I stayed here in La Peña with her and we visited 3 of the families we're teaching and  challenged all three of them to baptism. This exchange was full of a lot of reflection for Hermana Rosales and I. It helped us remember how important it is just to work hard and also enjoy the mission. WOO! 

Also, both the sisters that we share a ward with have DENGUE. So that's been fun. They're both in the hospital and we've been running around like crazy trying to make sure they're ok, getting their family married and baptized all while trying to keep up our area. The good thing is I love Hermana Rosales so so much, or else I think I would've gone crazy by now. 

I love this work, and my calling. I love being able to help the sisters, it makes the time go by so fast. 

Well, I feel like that's about all I have to say... besides the fact that yesterday we went to go visit one of the recent convert/ less active families and she told us she was way to busy to let us come in but that she wanted to give us something. After waiting there in her doorway for approx. 7 minutes, she then came out with two packages of Top Ramen. SO THATS COOL. Honduras is so ghetto. I love it so much. I feel so ghetto, and I'm so happy about it. 

Love you all. 
Hermana Ludlow

Monday, August 11, 2014

Press forward, Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

This week went by so fast. Like what?
This week we went to the Multi Zone Conference for Boulevar and Torocagua. We talked about the doctorine of Christ and changing our feelings of fear into faith. It actually went really well. This week we are in charge of the Multi Zone Conference for Country and La Quezada, so that'll be great because we'll be able to work out the kinks in our presentation. I love my calling, both as a missionary and a sister training leader and am happy and humbled to be a part of this amazing work.
We also had interchanges with the sisters from Residenciales who have been stuggling a little bit in their area. I went with Hermana Rojas who came to take my place in La Paz when I left there. We mostly talked about La Paz and the members/investigators from there. We were able to place a date with the family they are teaching and they will be baptized the 30th of this month. It's already been such an amazing experiance to be able to help the sisters.
As for our area, we don't have a ton of progressing investigators, but we are working with Juventina who's 55 and has a boyfriend who's a member. We placed a date with her for the 30th too. So now we just need to get them married, have her come to church and be reading the Book of Mormon in these next 3 weeks. No sweat.
I'm doing great. Trying not to think too much about the time. It's a little distracting, but having this calling is keeping me focused.
I was missin' Moab BIG TIME this week. Moab nostalgia will kill me.
Thanks for everything. I love you all. Too much.
Take care of eachother.
Look up the hymn Press Forward Saints. 1 because I'm out of time to write out the words, and 2 because I'm too lazy.
Hermana Ludlow
Jacob... can you figure out a way to send me ¨Homeward Bound¨?
Silvia Watts... I know youre busy being engaged, but write me! Ya'idiot.

Press Forward, Saints

1. Press forward, Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ,
    With hope's bright flame alight in heart and mind,
    With love of God and love of all mankind.
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
2. Press forward, feasting on the word of Christ.
    Receive his name, rejoicing in his might.
    Come unto God; find everlasting light.
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
3. Press on, enduring in the ways of Christ.
    His love proclaim thru days of mortal strife.
    Thus saith our God: "Ye have eternal life!"
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Well everyone. NEWS FLASH. This week went by SO fast.

Well everyone. NEWS FLASH. This week went by SO fast.

To start off, I already love my calling. It's stressful and super hard to not be able to magically fix the problems the sisters have in their companionships, or in their areas, but this week has been amazing. On Tuesday I went to my first Consejo de lLideres (Leadership Counsel) where we basically talked about what's going on in the mission and what we need to do better as leaders to change the culture of the mission. It was a lot of information, numbers, stats, and a lot of talking and discussing for one day, but it was super great. President Fortuna is such an amazing man and he loves us, and this work so much. We all left super excited for this month, and especially because August has 5 Saturdays! (5 weekends to baptize! WOO!) 

We are over 6 companionships of sisters who are all amazing. 
-Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Balbuena :La Peña C. We share a ward/area with them, so we have them close, which is nice because it's easier to help them. 
-Hermana Fuentes and Hermana Martinez :Moterrey (Training and opening and area. WOO!) Hermana Fuentes and I go home together. She's super great and was in fact my sister training leader last transfer. 
-Hermana Castillo and Hermana Kuhns: La Quezada (Hermana Kuhns, she was in my district in the MTC.)
-Hermana Rojas and Hermana Poroj: Residenciales (I don't really know them yet, other than through the phone, but we have interchanges with them tomorrow.) 
-Hermana Moran and Hermana Prince: Boulevard (Yes my old companion from La Paz... She's training and a little stressed, but they're doing great.) 
-Hermana Ixcoy and Hermana Hansen (Just baptized a family of 5 and are rockin!) 

Anyway, if you care. Ha ha. I guess I've probably thought about myself for a total of 3 and a half seconds this week and that's why I don't really have much to say. But it's great. These last two transfers are going to fly by.

I'm happy. The happiest I've been in a while and for sure on my whole mission and it really is just because I'm loosing myself in this amazing work. 

WOW. Sister Missionary Email for sure. But hey, I'm a sister missionary. 
I DONT KNOW ENGLISH. So its fine. 


Take care of each other. 
Be good. 

Hermanita Ludlow