Monday, March 3, 2014

Ant rant

So this week went by way fast. I feel like the weeks are flying by faster and faster lately.
This week my companion was a little sicky, so I...
1) Pulled weeds in our back patio and killed SO MANY SPIDERS and ANTS with so much bleach.(photo included) But lets talk about the ants for a minute. Somehow they're are always ants in everything. My sealed chewy sprees, my water colors, clean clothes, the uncooked rice, cold cereal, EVERYTHING. The best is when you pour a bowl of cereal and after pouring your milk have so sift out the ants from the top... or just eat them.
2) We had a movie movie night... missionary style, where we proceeded to push our beds together and watch the video about the life of Thomas S. Monson while eating cheetos, cookies and drinking ginger ale. (Coke has been sorely missed for these past 10 months everyone. But I'm still alive. No worries.)
SO yeah. I also did some cleaning, wrote some letters and went through all my letters that you guys have all written me. Thanks for being the best family and friends though.
The work is good. Life is good. Missionary work is hard, but so rewarding. God is good and the gospel is true.
Shout out to Tiffy (and Meish): Send me that letter!!!! :) No but really I love you guys so much!
Tanner. Congrats on your baby.
Jacob and Will. Hope you had that happiest of birthdays.
Family. I love you more than anything.

Mom. Will you send me some cookie recipes? Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Craisen to be specific... Love you. You're the best.
God is good.


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