Monday, July 28, 2014

''The Lord doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.''

I´m a missionary
I´m in La Peña, Honduras
I´m happy. 
I´m a sister training leader. 
I'm with Hermana Rosales 

(Yes, Hermana WATTS, your old area. Everyone loves you here, and I love it here.) 

This week has been amazing. I'm short on time, like always, but just know that I´m well and happy. This calling is so amazing already and I can already tell that the little time I have left is going to FLY by.

Highlight of this week was for sure the meeting we had as sister training leaders with President. He is such an amazing man. He told as that we are his eyes and his hands here in the mission and that he has a lot of trust and confidence in us. These next few weeks are going to be full of going on echanges with the 6 companionships of Hermanas, speaking in 3 Zone Conferences, doing the evaluations for those that are in their training/being trained and giving orientation to the new missionaries that come to the field this next transfer. I´m happy and excited to be where I am. And hey, if your not happy, get happy, because there's not enough time to wish for what we don't have. 

I love you all so much and think and pray for each of you daily.
''The Lord doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.''

Be good and take care of each other.

Hermana Ludlow

Monday, July 21, 2014

I love this work so much. And I love these people.

Hats off to two weeks in a row with emails from friends who got proposed to! Just over here gearin' up for what next Monday brings. But honestly, congratulations Tiff and Sylvia. Love you both too much and am so happy for you.
This week was another good one. My last week here in Tiloarque. Wednesdays' transfers and we know I'm heading out for two reasons. One, as you all know Hermana Bradshaw's training, and honestly, though I'm a bit nervous to leave the area in her hands, I know she'll do great and training will be just what she needs to forget herself and get to work. It'll be good for her. Also, when we went to the meeting for the missionaries that are going to train last Wednesday, President Fortuna called me into his office. What I thought would be mostly just talking about my companion turned into ''Hermana Ludlow, How do you feel about being a Sister Training Leader?''  (obviously said in spanish)
So, I'm excited to help the sisters out in the best way I can and am grateful for the oportunity. I'm a lil nervous, but like my Dad told me, ''The Lord qualifies us'' and that's so true. I'm sad to leave Tiloarque, but the mission and life are all about change, so it'll be good. (I'm also anxious to see where I'm going to go, as it will most likely be my last area.)
Yesterday was a little rough though. Durning the Sacrament hymn I looked up to see the the bishopric and some beloved members singing with the biggest smiles on their faces and remembered I was leaving and totally started to cry. I AM MY MOTHERS DAUGHTER everyone. Anyway then after the bishop was like ''You're leaving arent you?'' Tiloarque is an amazing area and the members here are so wonderful. I've decided that leaving areas here is way harder than leaving home because at least I know you'll all be there when I get back.
I love this work so much. And I love these people.
God is so good.
Be good k? I'll see you soon.
Hermana Ludlow
PS I feel like the pictures are pretty self explanitory, but just so we all know I have been in the mission long enough to use a 625 count box of qtips. So thats cool.
PS Happy Birthday Leah Damron, Quinn and Eomer this week. Love you all.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Take care of each other.

SO I guess Kent's got a point. Are you guys all sick of me saying how fast time goes by yet? COOL. Well this week went by super fast again. I feel like I don't have enough to say from Monday to Monday, but will hope that you all still love me anyway... and keep reading my emails. (I always send pictures, so they're not boring...)

But really. Time is a crazy thing. And its not even ours. On top of everything God gives us, he gives us our time. Everything we have is his. The only thing he doesn't already have is the way we use our time or our will. All we can do to repay him for everything he gives us is give him our will. But I mean give it all to him. I'm not just talking about half assing it... (Whoops.) But really. I want my point to get across. I've learned that honestly, giving him our will is really the easiest way to live too. He's a lot smarter than we are and can see what we will become, so it's really in our best interest to give him everything we are. 

In other news... (and to step off my sister missionary soap box) Argentina lost the world cup (Sorry Bay, I was cheering for you guys too) I'm just glad that it's all over so people can stop using that as an excuse to not let us in. 

This week was Germans 38th birthday. They didn't have money for a cake, so we made them one and took it over along with some ties from the Elders. I've really learned to enjoy the simplicity that is Honduras. 

My companion still struggles everyday with her desire to be here, but I'm doing my best to be happy enough for the both of us and make our experience together a good one. I've come to love the mission so much and am trying to enjoy every single moment of it. 

Love you all.
Take care of each other. 
Be good. 

Missionary friends... You're all BABES! All of ya! 
Tiff. YOU SNEAKY MOM. Wait for me k? 
H Gallarado & H Watts. Sorry I never have time to write you. Love you both. 
Chris. You know I love you. 
Family. Love you all. Take care of each other. Celeborn! I love you. So proud of you! Stay strong k? 

Hermana Ludlow 

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Honduras style

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the 4th of July lovin/ photos/ videos... not like they made me a little homesick or anything.... What? Never. But really. The 4th of July was definitely just another day here, but it was a good one. All us white kids dressed for the occasion for our Zone Meeting, said the pledge and sang the national anthem. Then we went to Wendy's after the meeting.

We had interchanges this week with the sister training leaders this week and it was actually super great. I went to Loarque for the night (and had to sleep on this very freaky bunny blanket.... not cool). But it was good to be with a companion that has about the same time in the mission because our lessons flowed so well together. 

The Ochoa Family is rockin' and giving us a bunch of references to work with. They are so great and have such strong, sweet testimonies. (of which they bore yesterday.) German's testimony made me cry like a little baby. They are such an amazing family and I am so happy for the chance I got to be here with them. 

Anyway I ran out of time as always, but the work is good. Its a little slow, but good. God is so great and we are seeing little miracles every day. I love this gospel and I love ALL of you. 

Be good k?

Hermana Ludlow 

Family: Love you all!!! ( Happy Birthday Leah and Moss) 
Friends on missions: You're all too good to be true.


Lisa and Sara Ross. Send me photos of yourselves k?