Monday, March 10, 2014

This week was great. I have a bunch of pictures to send, but my computer keeps crashing (also the reason for lack of personal responses, but I love all of you!)
This week we finished up our three week study about the atonement. So powerful and amazing! Things I loved reading:
1. When Christ is being crucified, the people use the word "if", "If thou art the Christ..." Satan's way of trying to make Christ doubt and lower himself from the cross, and also the people needing evidence to know that he is the Christ. I started thinking about a family we've been trying to teach that want evidence of the Book of Mormon and how they talk to us in a way that felt very much like the people who didn't believe in Christ. " You can't be called of God to preach because you can't prove to us the Book of Mormon is true." "You're too young to know." Etc. etc. I also started thinking about the talk Jeffery R Holland gave about Missionary Work and the Atonement where he says something along the lines of that we as missionaries are going to have to suffer a little bit of what Christ suffered because "Salvation is not a cheap experience." Wow.
2. When Christ is walking with Peter, and John is following them. Peter looks behind him wondering about John and Christ says "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou me." Asking Peter to leave EVERYTHING behind to serve him. Hmmmm sounds familiar. That's exactly what he has asked me to do too. I think I've got a long way to go to becoming the best missionary I can be, but I'm workin on it.

Thanks for your love, prayers, encouragement and emails. You're all too good to be true. God is so good. Don't believe me? Pray to him.

Hermana Ludlow.
P.S. My companion just read a letter from President saying that she's going to train. Bitter/sweet because we wont be staying together, but hey she's training! Meaning I'm leaving La Paz next Wednesday. Transfers are the pits. I HATE PACKING. Chris!!! Comeer for a sec and help me though k?

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