Monday, March 24, 2014

Entonces tito!

Adios La Paz, adios Medina Familia, you are the best! 

Entonces tito!
I'm in the city. I got transferred to Tiloarque in Tegucigalpa and am now with Hermana Mendez. It's been a big change because I've only been in pueblos my entire mission.
We went to the grocery store the other day and I really almost started crying because the Mega Colonia is the size of Walmart. So that's just great. I'm pretty sure I could spend our whole P-day in there today, but I'll try to control myself. You guys. I don't think you understand... maybe Hermana Watts... but really. It was a good day.
Also, best part about my new area is that we can see the temple from our house. We live in the tiniest apartment owned by a super cute member family, there's pavement on the streets and so many cars. But it's a good change.
We had a baptism on Saturday that I really wasn't a huge part of, but its still so great to see the change this amazing gospel has in the lives of these people.
Life is good, time is crazy, the gospel is true.
Letters were sent this week, so maybe they'll get to you before I do. We could hope.
Not a whole lot to say because I'm still getting to know the area and the members. But the ward is great. The attendance was 130 yesterday which is also a big change from being used to 70 at the most. The members are great and excited to work. We just need to get to know them better and serve them as much as we can.
Leaving behind the family we were working with in La Paz was the hardest, but God is good and he knows what he's doing.
God is Good.
Photos from the baptism (and so ya'll can see my companion) and a photo we took as a district after helping the bishop move. (behind us is a little patch of the city, but I'll send a better one next week.)

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