Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love you all, but more importantly, our Heavenly Father does.

Easily one of the best days of my life :Saturday, September 28th 2013: the day of Hectors baptism.

You GUYS. This is my family. From left to right: Hermana Norma Melgar, (used to be the only member in Agua Blanca... until we showed up!) Hermana Gallardo (my beautiful companion... for less than 24 more hours!!! AHHH TRANSFERS), Yours truly, Marlin (our recent convert with chubbiest Justin in her arms) HECTOR and his son Oswin (8 Years old) and Fabricio (Hectors other son who's 15 and has a date for 2 weeks from now.) And Elder Coy. (District Leader)
This family is the very reason I was called to serve a mission. (I'm sure there will be more reasons that pop up along the way, but they are the reason I'm here. In Talanga, Honduras, right now.) I feel a sense of familiarity and belonging when I'm with them and in their humble home in Agua Blanca. --->JUST LIKE MY SETTING APART BLESSING SAID! This was the family I felt it with first. Just like I was guided to do in my setting apart blessing, I told that family I came all the way from Springville Utah to be in their home that day. In that moment of weakness for Hector, when he had just told us he wasn't sure if he wanted to be baptized, I bore my testimony of the surety I had that he is why I am here and that he was ready to be baptized. I don't think I can think of a time when I have felt the spirit stronger than in that tiny dirt floored room.
The baptism was amazing of course. One of the happiest moments of my life. After the service was over, our Branch President called Marlin and Hector into his office and they came out loaded. Family home evening manual, a hymn book and a triple for Hector, (because we already gave Marlin hers after her baptism) new bibles and best of all, a framed picture of the temple. Then on Sunday during sacrament meeting after their confirmation, the whole family had their scriptures out and would be looking them up during the talks. I'm pretty sure I had the hugest cheesiest grin on my face this entire weekend. But really though. Such a great feeling to be a small part in the beginning of the rest of this family's life. They already have plans to go to the temple and when we invited them to start saving their money now, without hesitation they asked how much they needed to save and committed to start saving a little here and there for a year from now.
Transfers are TOMORROW. My companion is being transferred, which means I'll be training here in Talanga. I cant wait to meet my newbie. I cant wait to be the trainer she's going to remember for the rest of her life for the better. She deserves to have the exact opposite experience I had and I cant wait to give it to her! 5 transfers in Talanga here I come!
Well everyone, I'm happy. So don't worry bout me!
Love you all, but more importantly, our Heavenly Father does.
This gospel is so true and so beautiful.
The atonement is real and will change our lives if we let it.
Hermana Ludlow

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