Monday, September 23, 2013

How does it feel to train?

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This'll be a shorty.

Well, I forgot a very critical piece of information in my last email. When we were at the temple, as we were checking into the front desk the President came up behind me and said "Hermana Ludlow. Como se siente al entrenar?" I'm training this next transfer everyone! So nervous, but so excited. That probably means that I will be spending a total of 5 transfers (about 7 and a half months) of my mission in Talanga. Good thing I like it here.

I love my companion and this work. The churches best kept secret is how hard a mission is though. For sure. I love hearing from all of you and try to reply as best I can. God is good and this gospel is true. If it weren't, believe me I wouldn't be out here. But its so worth it.
Love you all.
Hermana Ludlow

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