Monday, October 7, 2013

The white kids watching Conference in the family history center of the church!!!

Well this week was pretty great. I am the proud mother of Hermana Vivian Rojas from Paraguay! She's so great you guys. She seriously came pre-trained which is such a blessing because I'll be honest, training is a big responsibility and sometimes its a bit overwhelming. She is so excited to be here though, out in the field being a real life missionary. It's taking me back (to almost six months ago... WHAT???) when I was a new missionary too with that same excitement. She's helping me to remember how exciting this work and the urgency we need to feel. Aww man she's the best. I'm feeling more and more blessed with each companion. Saying goodbye to Hermana Gallardo was so hard, but I know we'll be buddies in Utah. Just give us a year!

The plague continues. I sprained my ankle last week thus making it so we had to stay in the house this whole week. WORST. There is no worse feeling than taking a day off as a missionary. I always thought that a day in the house would feel nice, you know on those days out in the field that are super rough, but its the exact opposite! We went to conference... and can we talk about how powerful and amazing that was for a second??? I agree with Niels. Holland's talk killed me. So good!!! I also loved Uchtdorf's talk so much. "Come join with us". I don't know you guys. Conference on the mission is probably better than Christmas and for sure better than the super bowl. If you didn't catch Saturdays theme, the work is hastening and NOW's the time for missionary work!!! Wow. Amazing. I feel spiritually fed. 

I love you all and am praying for all of you (family, friends, and fellow missionaries)
This gospel is good and so true. 

Hermana Ludlow
President Fortuna in normal clothes? WHAT?
We went to the zoo last Wednesday (well those of us who baptized a family! WOO!) Super Great.

My first monkey sighting!
The white kids watching Conference in the family history center of the church!!!

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