Monday, October 28, 2013

Can anyone believe its Monday again?

Can anyone believe its Monday again? Can anyone believe its been 6 months? Can anyone believe how fast time flies by these days?
Well, we finished off the Elvir Family  with Fabricios baptism this week. I feel like I've sent this photo home 3 times... just with different companions and the person in white changing every time. No but you guys. If I haven't said it enough. This was the family I came to Honduras to baptize. I'll be coming back next year for their sealing and in 7 years for Justin's baptism.
Saturday was so hectic. The district President was in charge of going to pick up Fabricio, his family, and everyone from Agua Blanca who wanted to come to the baptism. He told us he would head out there at 3:00 since the baptism was scheduled to start at 4:00. At least he went out there eventually to pick them up... at 4:30. The baptism got started about 5:30 and I was emotionally and physically exhausted. The brother assigned to give the talk never showed up and the video we tried to watch wouldn't play. When everything was said and done and Fabricio had come back into the room from changing, President Nunez (district president... because we don't have stakes...) asked him to go up and share his testimony/how he was feeling. He immediately started to cry and through his tears he said "Puedo sentir Dios aqui conmigo" (I can feel God right here with me) pointing to his chest. With tears in my eyes I remembered how worth it this is. Through walking an hour to Agua Blanca, spraining my ankle, countless mosquito bites, body aches, tears, members falling through on their commitments, ITS ALL WORTH IT. 
God is so good. He loves us and knows us better than anyone. The atonement is real and will change your life if you let it. 
Love you all. 
Hermana Ludlow
P.S. Thank you for all the birthday emails. I love you all. 
P.S.S. My camera died and the baptism photos are on an Elders camera. Wait for the photo next week. Sorry Love you all!

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