Monday, October 14, 2013

The beautiful mountains of Talanga, Honduras

That would be the garbage pile that we so dearly love right behind the market place. Smells super great and you're sure to always see the nicest variety of dogs.
I love Honduras you guys. I didn´t know if the day would come, but this is my little country.
This week was a little nuts. We went to Tegucigalpa twice. Once to get my residency out... That's right. My residency. I am a resident of Honduras everyone. And the second time was to meet with all the missionaries that are training/being trained and the president. I'm getting pretty good at making my way through the city and remembering where we are/ where we're going. So that's good news. We also had a zone meeting in a little pueblo about an hours bus ride from Talanga. (And I mean an hour of standing up in a very tightly packed bus with people coming in and out trying to sell you bags of water, really hard cookies, and these cheesey biscuits that are just about the grossest thing. But we love it.)
Last Monday we also got our hair cut! My companion and I as well as the two other girls we live with. Hermana Watts and Hermana Hendrickson. To say its a butch job is putting it nicely, but what can you expect from a 30 limp hair cut? ($1.50) I took some scissors to it when we got home to try to fix it up, but the good news is hair grows back!
Alright alright, on to the real stuff.
This week we taught one of the best lessons ever to Fabricio. (Hector, our recent converts 15 year old son.) We taught the whole family out in their backyard under a bunch of trees in the shade. We sat on two buckets. while the family sat on a blanket laid out under the shade. You guys. Talking about Joseph Smiths first vision in that atmosphere was one of the coolest things I've done in my entire life. I wish I would've had had my camera. Just to remind you all again, that family is the reason I'm here in Honduras. Wow.
I love you all and pray for you always.
Julie and Jordan. CONGRATS. I cried when I read my moms email.
Tanner. You're emails are the best funniest k? I'm eating my life away in bread (and tortillas) too, so don't worry.
Chris. I love you ya know?
Mom. Got 3 packages from you this week. Contact solution, memory card/flash drive and the shorts. Thank you!!!! You're the best.
I love everyone.
God is good
Hermana Ludlow

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