Friday, November 1, 2013

Brother and Sister Ludlow,

Dear Parents,
We are very grateful to have your daughter serving with us here in the Comayaguela Honduras Mission. It is a privilege to have such dedicated youth serving others, and serving our Heavenly Father. We have seen your daughter increase spiritually as she went about teaching and developing love for the people of Honduras. We are thankful for your support and your prayers. We know that upon finishing her service, your daughter will return with the satisfaction of having served the Lord with all her heart, might, mind, and strength. She will have placed the foundation for what her life will be like in the future. She will be able to continue with the next steps in her life and successfully plan what she will do after the mission.
We would like to extend thanks to the whole family. Thank you for sharing your positive, gratifying, and spiritually uplifting experiences in your weekly emails. We are in the best disposition to help you, and before you have any questions, never doubt in communicating with us.
With love
President and Sister   Fortuna
Mission Honduras Comayaguela

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