Monday, September 2, 2013

Dearest friends and Family,
I feel like my mission has finally started. I'm finally starting to feel it. The Spanish is still super rough, don't get me wrong, but its coming! Plus, my companion, Sister Gallardo is already my best friend. YOU GUYS. We have so much in common and she's honestly one of the most charitable, Christ like people I have ever met. Wow I love her. The other day in our companion inventory, I read her the part of my setting apart blessing that says something along the lines of... you will have companions that you will have friendships with now, in this life and into the eternities, as we were both moved to tears we talked about how inspired this companionship was and how pumped we are to be companions, having this opportunity to work together in this crazy, amazing, wonderfully hard work. The Lords work.
This week was a little insane...

Tuesday: Hermana Gallardo had a bad case of the runs. (quite normal, in fact a way of life for us missionaries here in Honduras) anyway we were in the middle of the lesson when she looked at me with panic, and I knew we had to get out of there. We wrapped up the lesson as quick as we could and headed for Hermana Melgar's house to ask her to use her bathroom. We began the long walk through our investigators field to get to the gate at the end of their property. Low and behold it was being guarded by 3 very large horned cattle, one of which proceeded to charge at us with anger in his eyes. Long story short, we made it to  the bathroom, but it was for sure a close call. Gotta love Honduras.
Wednesday night: Hermana Gallardo slipped in vomit. Very funny, very sad. Mostly just funny.
Saturday: We went to Agua Blanca to teach Hector (Marlin... recent converts husband) and the spirit was so strong! I know that one of the reasons I am here at this moment in Talanga Honduras is to baptize this family. He's been reading and praying and him and his wife pray together as a family every night and promised he'd come to church. SUCH A GOOD LESSON. I love that family you guys. With my whole heart. I want this so bad for them, and I know they have been prepared for my companion and I to teach them.
Sunday: Well, first half of the day was for sure a disaster. None of our investigators came to church (mostly because the member with a car who's in charge of picking up our investigators/ recent converts forgot to go pick them up. WORST.) But then in the evening, my companion and I found the best family and taught them lesson 1. That was easily one of the best lessons of my entire mission. Elsa and Fernando are super positive and asked a ton of questions including if they could feed us dinner. So obviously they rock.
I love all of you. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts in my behalf. I can feel them strengthening me everyday.
Sorry about my English. I cant speak either language these days. So that's great.
Love you all

Hermana Rebekah Ludlow
Mision Honduras Comayaguela
Edifico Plaza America Contiguo A Sears
A Una Cuadra del Mall, 3 Nivel
Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan

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