Monday, September 16, 2013


Can we talk about how today marks 5 months since the day I left home!? Crazy.

(Not to mention... for those of you who don't know... 5 months since I have shaved my legs. Yes, I'm serious. What started out as a joke in the MTC has become a real thing. These legs wont see a razor until I'm back in the states. And that's a promise.) 

This week was a good one for sure. 

-Thursday: We went to the temple. SO AMAZING. I have missed the temple so much. It was my first time doing a session in Spanish, so I was a little nervous, but I loved it. The video here at the Honduras Temple is still the same... (kinda a bummer) but because I couldn't understand every word, I paid more attention to the visual aspect than I ever have. Ahh. I just love the temple. 

-Saturday we went to Agua Blanca and ate cow heart and cow liver. No big deal. It they were actually both pretty good. So either I'm becoming more Honduran every day, or just more crazy. We sat down to eat lunch and I looked at my companion and said "What do you think this is?" after she said she didn't know I decided it would be best to ask after we ate it. Sure enough it was cow heart/liver. Pretty tasty, not gonna lie. COOL.

-Sunday was independence day so the streets were nuts and there were only a handful of people at church, not including Hector. Thus, his date has been pushed to the 28th. Kinda a bummer, but were going to baptize his two kids as well. So amazing. 

The work is good. Having a  ton of enthusiasm has been a little tough this week for both my companion and I, but we're gonna tear it up this week for sure! 

Love you all, with all of my heart. 

Hermana Ludlow

Tiff. MY MOM (not you) told me about your call. So happy for you!
Chris: Sorry again about the lack of long emails I keep promising, but I sent you a letter! So be lookin for it. Love you most k?
Mom. So glad to hear about school. Love you
Mission friends. You are all my heroes k? (lamest thing I've ever said, but true)
Lisa. watched finding Faith in Christ today with my companion and bragged about how I know the little girl that gets raised form the dead. LOVE YOU





    This is how we celebrate patriots day. God Bless America.    

                               America, this one's for you

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