Monday, August 18, 2014

helped us remember how important it is just to work hard and also enjoy the mission. WOO!

Guys. Should I start every single email by talking about how fast the week went by? Cool.

This week we had exchanges with cutie Hermana Prince and Hermana Moran from Boulevar. Hermana Prince has almost 4 weeks in the field and her and Hermana Moran are stressers, so it was good for them to have a little break from each other. Hermana Prince is super great and super pumped to be a missionary. I stayed here in La Peña with her and we visited 3 of the families we're teaching and  challenged all three of them to baptism. This exchange was full of a lot of reflection for Hermana Rosales and I. It helped us remember how important it is just to work hard and also enjoy the mission. WOO! 

Also, both the sisters that we share a ward with have DENGUE. So that's been fun. They're both in the hospital and we've been running around like crazy trying to make sure they're ok, getting their family married and baptized all while trying to keep up our area. The good thing is I love Hermana Rosales so so much, or else I think I would've gone crazy by now. 

I love this work, and my calling. I love being able to help the sisters, it makes the time go by so fast. 

Well, I feel like that's about all I have to say... besides the fact that yesterday we went to go visit one of the recent convert/ less active families and she told us she was way to busy to let us come in but that she wanted to give us something. After waiting there in her doorway for approx. 7 minutes, she then came out with two packages of Top Ramen. SO THATS COOL. Honduras is so ghetto. I love it so much. I feel so ghetto, and I'm so happy about it. 

Love you all. 
Hermana Ludlow

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