Monday, July 14, 2014

Take care of each other.

SO I guess Kent's got a point. Are you guys all sick of me saying how fast time goes by yet? COOL. Well this week went by super fast again. I feel like I don't have enough to say from Monday to Monday, but will hope that you all still love me anyway... and keep reading my emails. (I always send pictures, so they're not boring...)

But really. Time is a crazy thing. And its not even ours. On top of everything God gives us, he gives us our time. Everything we have is his. The only thing he doesn't already have is the way we use our time or our will. All we can do to repay him for everything he gives us is give him our will. But I mean give it all to him. I'm not just talking about half assing it... (Whoops.) But really. I want my point to get across. I've learned that honestly, giving him our will is really the easiest way to live too. He's a lot smarter than we are and can see what we will become, so it's really in our best interest to give him everything we are. 

In other news... (and to step off my sister missionary soap box) Argentina lost the world cup (Sorry Bay, I was cheering for you guys too) I'm just glad that it's all over so people can stop using that as an excuse to not let us in. 

This week was Germans 38th birthday. They didn't have money for a cake, so we made them one and took it over along with some ties from the Elders. I've really learned to enjoy the simplicity that is Honduras. 

My companion still struggles everyday with her desire to be here, but I'm doing my best to be happy enough for the both of us and make our experience together a good one. I've come to love the mission so much and am trying to enjoy every single moment of it. 

Love you all.
Take care of each other. 
Be good. 

Missionary friends... You're all BABES! All of ya! 
Tiff. YOU SNEAKY MOM. Wait for me k? 
H Gallarado & H Watts. Sorry I never have time to write you. Love you both. 
Chris. You know I love you. 
Family. Love you all. Take care of each other. Celeborn! I love you. So proud of you! Stay strong k? 

Hermana Ludlow 

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