Monday, June 9, 2014

This week was a good one.

More than anything the best news is that Leticia and German are now married (only after living together for 15 years and knowing eachother for 18... Good one Honduras.)
Though it was hell getting all the paperwork together and running from bank to bank and to the mission office a million times, it was worth it. Their baptism is tomorrow night and the whole ward is super excited because it's the first full family to get baptized in almost 2 years. 

Attatched are some photos from this week:

The wedding... (outfitt shout out to some favorite RM's... Hermana Watts and Hermana Gallardo. Love you both.) 

My watch that broke this week. Major bummer since it only needed to hold out a few more months. But then to my suprise I got a package from LOGAN HALL that had a new watch in it. Thanks a million Logan! That was definately inspired! It's crazy how much the mission makes you realize all the little blessings and tender mercies in life, and Gods hand in LITERALLY EVERYTHING. 

After being frustrated with my companion, tired from moving all our stuff from our wet appartment to our new, dry one and just being tired because its a normal part of missionary life, I went to the fridge and to my surprise found the last peanut butter egg that I hid from myself in the freezer. So that was another tender mercy and yes I did cry with joy while eating it.
Like mentioned by Tan and Bay, the mission life is so so GHETTO and so so GREAT. 
I'm just jammin here in Honduras like it's nothing. 

Transfers are on Wednesday... already. So that's crazy, but also good news. Its time for a change. What that change will be, who knows, but I'll make the most of it whatever it is. 

Love you all. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, letters and emails.... Feel free to send more letters since they all got wet. :) 

Be good
Take care of eachother. 

Hermana Bek

PS. Got your packages Mum. Youre the best. My district loves you because I always share my treats (besides the peanut butter eggs, those were not to be shared...)

As mentioned above, got your package too Logan. Thanks so much!!! Youre the best! 

All I'm going to say is CHRIS and NIELS. 

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