Monday, February 3, 2014


1.This is Olvin. He's 8 years old and got baptized along with his parents in September. They're both Mofofos (Potheads) and Olvin spends his days selling tacos in the streets and chopping and collecting fire wood for his family. He comes to church and the ward activities every week alone because his parents are inactive. He's super obnoxious and reminds me a lot of Aragorn and for that reason I love him.
2. Another rough week. The Menocal Family didn't come to church and they aren't really progressing much. But I know God has a plan for them and that I'm a part of it. Patience is a virtue.
3. Transfers are this week, so I've been praying and fasting a lot for the outcome. I've got a good feeling about this next transfer. I'll probably be staying here in "La Paz" and receiving a new companion. But we'll find out tomorrow who's leaving and transfers are on Wednesday.
4. We did a lot of contacting and finding this week because honestly we don't have a ton of progressing investigators. It felt good to talk to everyone we could find in the street and turns out we found 3 pretty positive families. This also included passing out A LOT of Word of Wisdom pamphlets. (There are so many bolos (drunks) here.) Its a GOOD TIME.
5. This is what the beautiful rivers of Honduras look like everyone. So while you're all sending me photos of Utah mountains, Moab, Chile beaches and such, this is what your missing out on.
God is so good and he loves each of us.

                                          The rivers of Honduras (stray nasty dog included)

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