Monday, January 27, 2014

                             Sometimes these mountains remind me of our Utah mountains

Life is good.
This change has been extreemly difficult, but I have learned so much.

We had interviews with President Fortuna this week and though I tried to with-hold, I cried the entire interview, but then I felt 300 times better. I talked to him about how hard this area has been and my relationship with my companion and he told me that this change was for me to come closer to Christ and get to know him better. He reassured me of his trust and confidence in me, and more importantly the Lords trust and confidence in me, and then gave me a blessing. More tears. Seriously my Mission President's the best, so sorry he's not yours!
Changes are next Wednesday and I'm praying to feel content with whatever goes down. I know that companionships and areas are inspired and that God knows what he's doing, so I just need to relax. Chances are I'll stay here in "La Paz" and my companion will be transferred, but we never know.
The Menocal Family has been struggling a lot this week, so if you could all save a special place for them in your prayers, that'd be great. All of our baptismal dates fell through and everyone seemed to change their mind yesterday when we went to visit them, but it's a new week and there are people out there waiting.
God is good.
The Gospel is true.
I'll be sending letters out next week with my American buddy that goes home next week.
Love you all. Family. Friends.

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