Monday, January 6, 2014

I forgot to tell you all I had to sing in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. WHAT? Yeah. Abide with me tis even tide. It actually went pretty well. I was super nervous though.

Tuesday was New Years Eve. We helped one of our investigators make tamales and then ate them, then we went to the Bishops house for dinner and ate sooo much food. The bishop's family is super awesome though. Love them. 

The work here is rough and somewhat at a standstill, but we're still here working hard. The Lord has a plan for me, for my companion and for the people of this area.

God is so good. 
The mission is so hard, but so amazing. 
I love all of you. 

Got letters from Tanner, Bayley, and the Dry Creek Stake this week. Thank you all so much.
Family, I love you all more than you know. 

NO TIME. (Surprise) 

Hermana Ludlow 

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