Monday, July 15, 2013

                                   Favorite photo from the airport on leaving day April 16th 2013

15 July 2013, out for 3 months :)

Well well well, here we are again on Pday. I'm actually pretty surprised at how quickly in roles around. This week was pretty standard, nothing super crazy happened (like me suddenly being able to speak Spanish, or my companion suddenly being patient with me.. (ha) not funny actually. Its a real problem.) ANNYYWAYY.
It rained A TON this week and has been so so hot. As usual. I'll try to get some rainy pictures, but the problem is it always rains in the late afternoon or evening when we're out teaching, so 1, I never have my camera, and two its usually getting dark. But lemme just tell ya. The main road (Calle Principal) turns into a literal river. This is not me just being over dramatic. Its a real thing. We do our best to not get our feet and shoes completely soaked while we're out teaching, but then when we have to cross the main road to get back to our house, all hope is lost and we trudge through the muddy river that once was, and will again be the main road.
We've switched our focus a ton after a meeting we all had with the President to working more diligently in finding and teaching families, and not just people, because families are what will keep the church growing. We've been teaching a woman named Claudia who is really good friends with some members in the branch. ( Estefany's grandparents... pictured from an email past) She came to church this week, but her husband had to work so he said he'd come next week. BUT, the cool part is that she kept telling us (when we first met her) how her "husband" (because no one is married here) always leaves the room when the missionaries would visit in the past. We finally found a time when he would be there and miracle... HE DIDNT RUN!!!! He stayed and listened and even asked us a ton of questions. He shared how grateful he is for the atonement in his life and how he can hardly believe that Christ would do that for us. This is what we have been praying for as a companionship you guys! This is why I'm here, on a mission, right now, in Talanga Honduras. Miracles happen. I have a lot of faith and hope with this little family. Plus they have THE CUTEST daughter named Milagros (which means miracle in Spanish) and Claudia is pregnant. I just love them you guys. God is good. The Church is true.
Please pray for the health and well being of my people here in Honduras. Its the rainy winter (like they can even call this winter because its sooooo hot) season and when people are sick here (with a headache or sore throat) they cant do anything. Pray for them, for their strength and that they can accept this message.
I love all of you so much and am so grateful for all of you. I pray for you all individually and for your families. Know that I can feel your prayers and they give me strength to continue on in the hard moments.
Hermana Ludlow

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