Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ode to Emily

This is Emily. Emily is Moab. Delete is, insert was.
Emily was Moab.
Emily has moved to Pennsylvania to milk goats, make cheese and work on a farm.

Last year, I left everything, packed up, and moved to Moab. Not knowing what to expect I started a job at the Moab Adventure Center, where among many other things, met Emily. It didn't take long for me to love this girl. Can I just say that Emily is easily one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She is so hard working and is good at anything she sets her mind to. If she wants something, she will accomplish it! Anyway, Emily took me under her wing and taught me how to do things around the MAC, but more importantly she befriended me. In my eyes that's the best thing someone could do for me. Emily was easily the best thing that happened to me here.

Now, I'm back. Back in Moab. This time it was a little harder to convince myself to come. First of all, I had just formed new friendships that were some of the best that I've experienced my whole life. And second, no Emily. "How am I going to do this without her?" is a constant thought running through my head. Who will I watch movies with late into the night? Who will I have story time with in the slow morning hours at the MAC? Who will sit by me at church? Who will laugh with me about stupid things that aren't funny? Who will go to Dennys with me? Who will talk to me forever about boys? WHO? No one could ever replace Emily. She has made a huge impact in my life and I love her beyond measure. But, we are both embarking in seperate journeys. I in Moab, and Emily across the country in Pennsylvania. I'm trying not to be sad about it, because she is in a good place. She is doing good things and having new adventures. She's an amazing person with an amazing future. (Please marry my brother so I can keep you forever!)

If you have the chance to meet Emily, you are the luckiest. She is a good friend, one of my best, and a good listener. She has good ideas, and her witts about her. She is strong (stronger than an Omish boy) and such a hard worker. She knows all the answers and will pour her heart into helping anyone. This girl cares.This girl is a keeper.

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