Monday, May 19, 2014

Missionary life

Missionary life. This is my usual night time routine for real though...

Reading mission aproved material (Our Legacy) and eating chewy sprees in my bed. Woo!

This week was great and as usual went by way too fast. We placed a date with the Ochoa Family for the 7th of June and they came to church again yesterday. They also came to the activites we had this week to strengthen the family. They're progressing like crazy and its almost too good to be true. Yesterday we taught them about the Word of Wisdom which we were a little nervous how they would take it because they're heavy coffee drinkers, but all 5 of them said they would start now. German (the dad) hasnt been drinking or smoking since we met him (two weeks ago) and they said that their prayers in family have given him strength to not even have the desire to do it. God is really preparing people everywhere, we just have to be diligent enough to look for them and in tune enough with the spirit to recognize them. 

Our President told us in a Zone Conference once that there is no such thing as bad areas in the mission just missionaries that lack faith. As much as we hate to admit it, its true. Everyone is ready to hear this gospel, just some more than others. But more than anything the faith we have in them will help carry them through the moments where they don't feel ready

I love this gospel so much. God is so good.


Be good and take care of each other. 

Hermana Ludlow

Cristina... WHAT. I still can't call you that (Hermana Gallardo) I love you so much. Thanks for visiting my cute parents. They love you too. See you in 5 when we're sister-in-laws. 

Chris and Niels. Y ENTONCES.... Where are you? Send me some lovin. And Chris send me AND BAY some hymns before we die out here. LOVE YOU MOST. 

Jake and Alta. Super bummed I didnt get to see you guys last week, but just know that I love you both so much. Hope youre doing well.

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