Monday, May 12, 2014

"a little friend we found in our house"

This week was great. Got to see my cute family and Chris yesterday, so I'm a happy camper. Its amazing to see how much you've all changed, and how much I have too. But really, we're all still the same and we all still love each other so life is good. Compared to when I called at Christmas... Yeah. CRAZY. I wasn't an emotional wreck after or anything. Woo!

The work is sweet. We're working with a new family (the Ochoa's) that we met this week and they came to church yesterday.(miracle) They're super great, so we hope all goes well. The bishop is going to have them over today for a Family Home Evening at his house. The Acosta family are still hangin in there. We think they're getting cold feet, but they're ready, they just need to come to church a couple more times and they'll be rockin.



A lack of photos were taken this week, so attached is a little friend we found in our house a couple weeks ago and a picture of our huge bedroom. 

Love you all. 
God is good. 
The gospel is true. 

Be good. 
Take care of each other.

Hermana Ludlow

NIELS... I cant... its too crazy. You and CHRIS have homework to do this week. Send me a picture of the two a ya together. Yep. Do it. Love you both. 

Got letters from TIFF AND MIESH!!! Loved it too much. From Chris, and from the ward cub scouts.
Thanks everyone. You're the best!!!

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