Monday, May 5, 2014

Inversion and Zip-lock bags.

Should I start every email by saying how fast this week went by? Ok, cool.

Well its been a smoggy week here in the city. The inversion's worse than Salt Lake, but it makes me think of home a little. So that's nice. It finally started raining which sucked a ton at first because it was 1000 times more humid, but now its a little bit less hot and we can see the blue sky for the first time in about 2 weeks. I sure do love this grungy ghetto city.

I thought I'd also send a photo of this s
Sundays dinner. A nice old lady invited us over for dinner last night and after choking down about half the freaky sausages that for sure weren't meat, soggy eggs and greasy plantanos, I remembered the handy zip-lock I keep in my backpack just for times like these. I guess that's what time in the mission will give ya. Always keep a zip-lock bag on hand, even better with toilet paper because not everyone here realizes it's been invented. I LOVE HONDURAS.
The Acosta Family came to church yesterday for all 3 hours and loved it. The plan is to baptize them the 17th, so we're hoping all runs smooth from here on out and that they come to church next week too. They really are the best though. There really is something so beautiful and different about teaching and baptizing an entire family rather that just one person. Don't get me wrong, I love all of it, but teaching an entire family, especially this family and the family I baptized in Talanga are moments I'm never going to forget. Being a small part of such a big change in the lives of these people is so amazing. 
This gospel is so real and so true.
Love you all.
Be good.
Hermana Ludlow

Oh and P.S. we didn't have transfers, so I'm still here in Tiloarque with Hermana Mendez. It wasn't what I expected at all to happen, but it just means I've got more to learn from here.
P.S.S Happy Mothers Day this week to all the mothers I love. My own included (see you Sunday) McKinley Brown, Merideth Jensen, Natalie Jeffs, Niki Crandall, Leah Hall, Alta Stringham, Julie Hall and all the rest of you. Thank you for your divine influence in my life. Each of you are such an example to me and I love you so much.

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