Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In exactly one week from now, I will be in Honduras. Is that crazy to anyone else? I feel like I've been here for an eternity, but at the same time these past 5 weeks have gone by quite fast. TIME IS A FREAKY THING IN THE MTC!!! I cant wait to get out there and meet the people that are waiting for me!

Atleast once a week or so, we have practices teaching the Latinos the lessons. Its always so scary at first, but I come out of them with so much confidence. Somehow the Lord trusts me and loves me enough to give me the gift of tongues. It is slowly coming and I know once I get out in the field It'll be pretty scary, but somehow it doesnt worry me too much. I just know the language will come and that if I keep the spirit with me, the people WILL be able to understand me. The spirit speaks Spanish!!!!

This week was good.
We do this thing in our district called the "silla de suave" or cool chair where one person sits in the chair and we all go around and say what we love most about them. You can probably all guess what was said about me. Funny, SASSY, charming, motherly, kind, down to earth. But yes they all talked about how sassy I am. HA! I feel like thats what'll get me through this stuff.
My companion also had her turn this week. It was so good to hear all the good qualities that everyone sees in her and it was so good for me to be able to express the things I really do admire and look up to her for. She really is so amazing and so strong in the gospel. Even though sometimes she drives me nuts, she's someones favorite missionary. Or multiple people's for that matter.

JACOB!! I want to publicly thank you for helping me find 3 Nephi 5:13. I've memorized it in english and it has gotten me through ALOT this week.

On Sunday we watched a devotional from Quintin L Cook (His wifes name is Mary by the way.) And my favorite thing he said (before I knew about Marys passing) was this "Regardless of what's going on at home, you are where you ought to be." I felt so comforted in that moment and even more so now reading your emails about Mary. How great it is that we have the knowledge that our family WILL be together forever and that we have the plan of salvation. FAMILY: I love each of you so much. Thank you so much for everything.

Friday was the ONE MONTH MARK!!! SO CRAZY. And hello? Thursday was the ONE YEAR MARK for Niels. So cool. FRIENDS: I love all of you so much and seriously would be dead without you.

I got letters this week from BAY, TANNER, MOM, CRYSTAL, and LIZ. Seriously thank you all so much. Your letters keep me sane. As much as I hate to say it, hold off on letters for now if you havent already sent them. I dont want to risk them getting stuck here at the MTC forever! I dont really know when I'll get to email next week since I'll be in the field, but I'm sure theyll atleast give us a couple minutes to say that by some miracle we made it there alive. (Quinn, you will understand this reference most.) I told all the girls going to Comayaguela to wear panchos on the plane ride because I WILL BE PUKING.

Life is good. Sometimes this is really hard, but I know it will be worth it. I cant even express how much I love you all and how much you mean to me. More importantly, GOD LOVES YOU.

The Gospel's true everyone. I promise.

-H Ludlow

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