Monday, October 6, 2014

Love you all. Stay in the boat. See you all soon.

Wow conference was killer! We have a living day Prophet and this is the true and restored gospel! I feel like everything was about the restoration and the importance of our dear Prophet. I felt like Sunday afternoons session was literally the answer to every prayer, thought, question and worry. I feel at peace about what's about to happen. Obviously it's scary, but it's a good thing.

Also, my last interview with President was this week and that was the best. Went in feeling nervous, but like always that man knows just what to say. 

Attatched: Photo of us as the Zone of the month. Nice work Toncontin! And some poor hungry Elders. Our accounts didn't have money until tuesday last week, so the Elders had a rough Pday and we decided to have mercy on them. 

Well, I guess I'll see you guys next week. I think. It still doesn't feel real... maybe when the cold hits.

Love you all. 
Stay in the boat. 
Be there soon. 

FELIZ NAVIDAD. Because our district leader has started saying it. WOO!

Hermana Ludlow

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