Monday, August 12, 2013

Good news and Bad news.

Good: I'm alive. We had two baptisms this week. We're in Tegucigalpa right now because we had an activity with all the sisters and the Presidents wife. We have exchanges next week. I'm a missionary.

Bad: We're at a different internet cafe (obvi because were in Tegucigalpa) and I cant hook up my camera to this computer. Saddest, because I have a lot of good photos to send. Good thing there's always next week though. 

Alright alright alright....

BAPTISM!!!! The baptism was super awesome. Both Sumela and Marlin had their whole family there and they were both so happy and so beautiful. Baptism days are always super stressful, to say the least, but always so so worth it when it's all said and done. (Photos to come) Wow you guys. Its also awesome to be at a baptism where I was there for the entire conversion AND where I can kinda understand what's going on. Spanish is coming. Its so frustrating some days (most days), but its coming. I've been blessed with a companion that's native which seriously is a huge contributing factor.

On Wednesday we had a testimony meeting where we brought a bunch of the members/ leaders with us to Agua Blanca at Hermana Melgars house. So awesome. The Presidencies all bore their testimonies around a big campfire and then we watched the Restoration video with our investigators. 

Funny story... (mostly for Niels) Yesterday we were contacting and met this 97 year old lady who definitely didn't have all her wits about her named Amelia. When I asked here if she had children she proceeded to remove her shirt and asked me if it looked like she had children. This lady was proud of what she's got and the fact that she's never breast fed.... to say the least. Good times you guys. Good times. 

Exchanges are next Wednesday. Way nervous and also way excited. I'll keep you all posted. I'll know by the end of this week if I'm training or not. (AHHHH hopefully not. But if needs be, I'm up for it!) 

Love you all. Thank you for your love, encouragement, support and prayers. 
Hermana Ludlow

Got packages from Sister Jeffs and Tanner. Thanks Natalie and kids for your letters! I love you guys so much! And TANNER: couldn't have asked for a more perfect package. Skittles, oil, and best CD (Thanks Caleb Darger!!!) 

Mom, got your packages too. Thanks!!!! 
Leah (sis) thanks for the pregnant picture! 

OUT OF TIME: LOVE YOU ALL. the church is true!!!

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