Monday, June 10, 2013

Second Week!

Sorry my email didn't send last week. I'm still trying to figure this whole computer in Spanish thing out.

This week has been nuts. 

WE HAD A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!! It was so cool. The little boy in the pictures name is Luiz. He's 10 years old and is just about the best thing ever. His mom is less active, so his excitement has made her start coming back to church more. Plus, his little brother (also in the picture) who turns 8 THIS MONTH wants so get baptized too! So awesome! It was awesome and made me think about how excited I am to be there for a baptism where I was there from day 1. I can´t wait. 

I also cant wait to understand Spanish. What the heck?! I'm just here in Honduras where everyone speaks a different language than I do, but they all understand each other just fine! GAH! Its so frustrating. I feel like its the biggest thing holding me back. KENT! and LYDIA! You are so lucky! I'm so jealous that you guys get to just jump into things. SO AWESOME! I'll get it eventually and this'll all start to be worth it. I just try to stay positive and not get discouraged. 

I sent a letter in the mail because we hardly have time to write that talks more about where I am, (Mom, feel free to add anything from that to the blog when you get it.) but my area is called Talanga. Its all dirt roads and small houses varying from real floors to dirt. Its a lot what I expected. SO HOT HERE. Like you have no idea. The people are ready and humble though. I love them and want so badly to be able to communicate that with them! 

I'll hand write a letter again today for lack of time, but I love all of you more than you can imagine! My address will be the same from here on out so send away!!! The church is true! Love youuuu and miss you all a ton ton ton ton!!!

Mom, Thanks for sending that song of Jacob! Cried like a baby! Try to send it on a CD maybe so I can listen to it? 

Jacob awesome I'm dead!

Bay WHen do you get your call!!

Chris Love you so much buddy! 

Everyone write me letters!!!!


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