Monday, April 29, 2013

Hola from Guatamala
Normally I will have more time to write on P-Days, but today I just
have 15 minutes to check in. Just wanted to let you know that I am
here safe and sound.Our plane got into Guatemala City at about 6 am
and we hit the ground running. The MTC here is so tiny compared to
Provo but I love it. Honestly, I already know with confidence that
this is where I´,m supposed to be. When we were sitting in the LAX
airport (after a bumpy flight from SLC... No chunks were blown, though
it was a close call.) I just felt so at peace. My companion is so
sweet and nice. Her name is Hermana Mattews and I feel like she is my
little sister. We are so so different, but I feel like thats good
because we have so much to learn from eachother. Wow. This is the true
work. Today has been quite long, but it feels right still. "I´m tired,
but I¨m happy." is what Ive been saying all day just trying to soak it
all in. So far, basic spanish and orientations are what weve been
doing all day. The president and his wife are so great and he is so
powerful. I already love them. Miss you guys, but this is where Im
supposed to be. I dont have one doubt about that. Dont worry about me.
Im happy. Love all of you so much. (Sorry this is scatter brained)
-Hermana Ludlow

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  1. You go girl! Bekah did not even cry at the airport!